The basis for the creation of our NPO,

a combination of 4 elements:

to use our experience, passion and know-how to create and propose large-scale cultural projects."

This is one of the strong values ofNPO" HORIZON ", the discovery of the richness and cultural differences of our world. This value is rooted in the numerous trips and the dual nationality (Romanian and Belgian) of one of the founders ofNPO.

"A NEED FOR MEETINGS:The COVID-19 crisis, which after long periods of confinement and restrictions, has made people feel more than ever the need to be able to meet people, discover the world, celebrate life and beauty."

"A DESIRE FOR AUTHENTICITY and to propose a real discovery of the culture of the "other". Because if globalisation allows man to travel further and further, faster and faster, virtually or in reality, it is not always conducive to a real encounter and a thorough discovery of this "other"!"

The NPO Horizon wants to LIGHT UP " THE BEAUTIFUL "
"Horizon" aims to promote encounters, social cohesion and sharing between different communities, notably from Western and Eastern Europe (and the diasporas of the latter), but which - by its very nature - are destined to extend to much more distant horizons, in other continents.

Its horizon - both that imaginary circular line of which the observer is the centre and where the sky and the earth (or the sea) seem to merge, and the future perspectives that may present themselves to him[1] - will always be that which attracts to adventure, that which invites to the unknown. The adventure and the unknown that is my neighbour, this foreign and strange person from another place. The adventure and the unknown that I am, too, this foreign and strange person for others.

Our NPO, as the initial observer of these horizons, has its headquarters in the beautiful village of Evrehailles, in the commune of Yvoir (Boulevard des Combattants 16). Out of gratitude to this place, which is home to the founder and her family, she wishes to honour it by carrying out some of her main activities there, but never without looking towards the other, wider horizons which are hers; those of the Haute-Meuse valley, the Condroz region, the province of Namur, the Walloon region, the French community, the Kingdom of Belgium, the European Union, Europe and the whole world.

[1 ] Larousse 2022 definitions

Project holders.

Simona Ivanciu

Founder and president of the NPO, of Romanian origin with dual nationality (BE-RO), a great lover of art and a friend of many artists and other professionals in the sector, she has a rich organisational experience at cultural level.

She doesn't see herself as an organiser so much as a hostess and wants to give her events a personal and intimate touch.

Marnix Coelmont

Co-founder and administrator of the NPO, of Flemish origin, he has helped Simona in her past cultural activities. As an amateur musician and teacher, he has been and still is active in different sectors of public life.

Clarisse and Andreas Coelmont

With their mix of Walloon, Flemish and Romanian cultures, their knowledge of three languages (French, Romanian and Dutch), and their love for music (they play the flute and the piano respectively), the children are involved in welcoming both the artists and the audience, and complement their parents in giving a personal and family touch to the event.

Our values.

Even though some of its events have been carried out in collaboration with the Orthodox Church, our NPO Horizon carries out its work from a philosophical point of view with the greatest respect for the values and convictions of everyone. This is why it will respect - as specified in the statutes (art 4.) - a neutralitý from a philosophical, religious and political point of view. In compliance with Belgian and international laws, Horizon NPO is totally independent from any authority or power. Horizon NPO affirms its adherence to the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and considers it fundamental that each member subscribes to this spirit.

Highlighting the local heritage.

Building bridges between cultures, people and nations.

Highlighting the beautiful and the human.

Making art accessible to all.

Making other cultures known through art, and to encourage encounters between people of all backgrounds.

Combating prejudice and racism/xenophobia.

Fighting to break down walls, barriers, obstacles between people, between generations, between peoples, walls that separate, isolate and lead to loneliness.