Become a member


To become a member, contact our NPO by writing and transfer a sum of 50€ or more, specifying in the communication that it is for an affiliation.

Members are required to pay the annual membership fee. For 2022, this amounts to 50€ and gives a 50% discount on the first concert ticket purchased.
Supporting members are those who voluntarily pay more than the annual membership fee, without a ceiling. From 75€ onwards, you are entitled to a free ticket.

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There are five categories of membership:

  1. The effective members: the founding members (those who are present at the creation of the Association) and the associate members (who join the Association after the constitution of the NPO and become associated with the project along the way). The effective members of Horizon NPO are those who make up the General Assembly and who thus have the power of decision. Legally, they are the only ones who have the right to vote and each have one vote.
  2. Associate members: members who do not enjoy all the rights of full members. They are not members of the GA and do not have voting rights. They must therefore accept the decisions taken without being able to give their opinion. They do not receive an invitation to the GA but can be present, if they wish, on simple request to the Board of Directors (BOD) and can speak at the scheduled time.
  3. Honorary members: personalities who use their reputation in service of the Horizon NPO.
  4. Benefactor members: people who pay a higher fee than others, who have rendered significant services to the Horizon NPO.
  5. Honorary members: former directors who are no longer involved in the life of Horizon NPO.